wherefore art thou, blogger?

Let me express a statement (one without an ounce of flaw and one that surpasses an endurable level of compassion) - I am deeply, deeply sorry. Whilst I type away, concocting various approaches of elaborating upon my absence, I can almost feel the amount of dust being swept away - as if my blog were an untouched book shelf, with no sense of likability. The realization of how ambitious I was about this blog wasn't apparent until I recalled the countless drafts, with lighthearted summaries of my youthful yet recent high school days and outfits I wore to milestone events which were never recorded, because it never even began to cross my mind. I had been caught up in the "quintessential" senior year of high school, where you isolate yourself from any social media relevancy to focus on the more important aspects - friends and studies. After having overcome mock/final exams, ritualistic lasts (last home room, last lunch, last dump break in the school bathroom, last day of high school, etc) and graduation - it struck me that I had terminated yet another chapter of my life that would be shortly followed by the newest and most embraced chapter in my life. College! How high has my maturation level gone after saying just that one word? I kid, I kid. Not only have I absorbed more information but I have absorbed more friendships and life lessons, that have become the most refreshing source of inspiration. So thank you to my family, the high school bunch, my college mates and the ones who are still reading this for being patient. I'm still passionate about everything that I was writing about on January 21st and I shall continue writing very soon!

On a lighter note, here's one of last week's outfit of the days: 

PS: I'm forcefully burying my head into my English midterm exam review, hence the articulate vibe of this long postponed post!
PPS: Keep a close eye on my Youtube channel, as my best friend and I are eagerly set on filming the "best friend tag" in the near future! 

by near future, i mean this week. YAY!

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freja beha x vogue uk

via Vogue UK 2014

Cass Bird's romantically unconventional approach pertains through the depiction of her sublime lomographic photographs. The way in which Freja carries herself, through summer-esque outfits that all agreeably make us long for that blistering time of year and the simplicity of her appearance, sets an innate sensation for readers to absorb whilst infatuating through each individual photograph.

I find that my love for this photoshoot unquestionably proliferates - isn't Freja Beha a babe?

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it's the most wonderful time of the year



so @joesjeans just went up ten notches in my book #superskinnystretch


Celebs, fashion and models. X


i love these two bitches ever since i was like 5

photos via tumblr

christmas movies, hot chocolate, restaurants and rooms scattered with twinkling lights, chunky boots, sweaters of an odd yellow shade, coats thick enough to get you through a snow storm, celebrity pegs - presently, the world of tumblr revolves around the optimum season of the year. the christmas season is wonderful in every possible aspect! 

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'Zarabsessed' is a indeed pun I've produced to express my present sentiments towards Zara. Ranging from the noted crop top to that stunning skirt to the bag sister of Prada's Saffiano tote; I'm being analytic of these items for the forthcoming weeks. 

You know what they say... keep your shoes close but those leather sandals closer.

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